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Aaron Gosch

Animation Design portfolio 2020

Character Design:

One Medical: The Jetset Life Of COVID-19 (In Production)

I loved designing the physical embodiment of Covid 19 for this airline safety video for One Medical-what a jerk! Very fun project- coming soon!


Bleacher Report NBA series pitch

This is one a few character designs I submitted  for a web series pitch that unfortunately never came to fruition. 

Bad Guru

This was an idea for a personal project starring a self help guru who advises you to give in to your base desires.


Massachusetts Vote By Mail PSA

I'm very proud to have designed and directed this ad for my home state of Massachusetts!  It's an important message and I was given a lot of creative freedom.

Democracy Without Borders: Choking The Earth

Aside from sound production, this spot was made entirely by me. Democracy Without Borders now uses these graphics in most of their videos.

Miscellaneous Drawings: 

Just for fun.

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